UBC Bachelor of Media Studies

Duration: May 2023 - Aug 2023
Organization: UBC Bachelor of Media Studies
Role: Brand Designer
Tools: Illustrator, Google Slides


The Bachelor of Media Studies (BMS) program at UBC Vancouver is an innovative, interdisciplinary program covering fields ranging from Visual Arts to Journalism to Computer Science. Since this is a program that teaches media, giving the program itself a unique brand and visual identity was a significant focus of my role as a Communications Assistant Co-op. My goal was to create a recognizable, memorable brand system for the BMS while aligning with the overarching UBC brand.


1. Defining Audience and Mission

Through meeting with the Program Manager and Program Chair, combined with my own research and understanding, I developed a profile for the BMS that summarizes its mission, key characteristics, and current and target audiences.

2. Analyzing Comparable Programs

I analyzed the branding of 7 programs that are similar to the BMS and summarized the audience, goals, and characteristics of the 3 most noteworthy - similar to what I had done for the BMS. I noted the ways in which the each brand's look and feel were fitting or not fitting for their particular program.

3. Creating a Brand System

Both prior steps informed the decisions I made when creating the new BMS brand system. One major decision was whether we should change our primary color. After going through all possible alternatives and considering people's associations with each color, we decided to keep our current turquoise.

Much more research, design, and critical decision making was done to solidify other elements within the brand system. I made sure to adhere to certain UBC branding guidelines, such as using UBC's official fonts and including UBC blue as a secondary brand color.

The completed system includes the brand color palette, typography, patterns, textures, and icons. I also designed "templates" for Instagram posts that double as practical examples for applying the new brand.

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4. Hand-off

To make sure the new brand is maintained and simplify the work of my successor who would take over design responsibilities after my work term ends, I created a BMS visual identity "handbook" that details all elements of the brand system. Additionally, I added tips (for example, on how to make text stand out in a graphic or how to take good event photos) and instructions on what not to do. I left a editable copy of the handbook so that changes can be made down the road.

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