Video Production

Beyond the classroom

Duration: June 2023 - Aug 2023
Organization: UBC Bachelor of Media Studies
Role: Project Lead, Cinematographer, & Editor
Tools: Premiere Pro

As a Communications Assistant Co-op, I was tasked by the Program Chair of the Bachelor of Media Studies Program (BMS) to address a longstanding issue. Despite regularly sharing student and alumni success stories, the program had never highlighted its professors in website posts or social media content. To bridge this gap, I created this "Beyond the classroom" video. A challenge while making this video was to keep it concise while ensuring each professor received fair representation and showcased their unique disciplinary experiences. It was also crucial to communicate the interdisciplinary nature of the program.

We reached out to 10 professors, conducted 7 interviews over 4 days, and amassed over 2 hours of usable footage. After meticulous selection of footage, dialogue editing, and countless emails with BMS management and interviewed professors, I delivered the following video that is now featured on the homepage of the BMS program website.

Student Life Instagram Reels

Duration: May 2023 - June 2023
Organization: UBC-Sciences Po Dual Degree Program
Role: Coordinator & Video Editor
Tools: Premiere Pro

As a Communications Assistant Co-op, I also planned and edited two Instagram reels that highlight student life at two French university campuses for prospective UBC-Sciences Po Dual Degree students. In the first reel, I worked closely with Reims campus students, guiding them with filming instructions. In the second reel, Le Havre campus students had limited availability. This gave me the challenge of curating and editing clips that the students had independently filmed over the school year into a coherent and concise reel.

Savouring Home

Duration: Feb 2022 - Apr 2022
Team: Cristen Lin, Anne Pyatt, Gurnoor Powar, Mandy Wong
Role: Video Editor
Tools: Premiere Pro

This short documentary was created for a project in an undergraduate filmmaking class. It is the first group film production project I have worked on. I worked with three other students, all from majors that are not related to film production. I was an editor for the film, and I worked on dialogue editing, color, captions, audio, transitions, etc.

In this documentary, a family recipe reveals how identity evolves through food, becoming a vessel of time, experience, and fusion.

UBC Orchard Commons Dorm Tour

Duration: Apr 2022 - May 2022
Team: Cristen Lin, Hriday Sahni, and our dear friends
Roles: Cinematographer & Video Editor
Tools: Premiere Pro

I was the editor and main cinematographer for this YouTube video that introduces viewers to the different rooms and facilities of Orchard Commons, a UBC first year residence. This video was created with my friends in memory of our time living in residence together during our first year of undergraduate studies. As of August 2023, it has received 20K+ views and 360 likes on YouTube, helping thousands of new UBC students prepare for moving into residence.

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