Graphic Design

UBC Bachelor of Media Studies

Duration: May 2023 - Aug 2023
Organization: UBC Bachelor of Media Studies
Role: Graphic Designer & Social Media Manager
Tools: Illustrator, Figma

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1) BMS Custom Icons

As part of my project to rebrand the Bachelor of Media Studies program at UBC Vancouver, I designed custom icons for the program to use in social media, website, and printed graphics. The "focus area" icons each represent one area of focus that BMS students can specialize in - visual, narrative, or data. The "general" icons were created according to which icons I predicted would be the most helpful for the program's future use.

2) Instagram Templates

I also designed "templates" for the program to use for Instagram posts and wrote documentation on how to modify them (for example, how to swap out placeholder photos). These templates also serve as practical examples for applying the new visual identity guidelines I established.

3) Infographics

Another design work I completed for the BMS was an infographic that visualized the options for first-year course registration. I first created a vertical poster, then adapted it into squares for an Instagram post.

UBC Chinese Language Program

Duration: Sept 2022 - Apr 2023
Organization: UBC Chinese, Social Media & Events Team
Role: Graphic Designer & Social Media Manager
Tools: Figma, Canva

In my Social Media and Events part-time job for the Chinese Language Program at UBC, I implemented a web page and designed graphics for an annual Mandarin singing contest as well as drafted captions and designed graphics for Instagram posts.

I was also the main lead in planning and executing our annual employee appreciation event.

1) Contest Event Program

2) Contest Certificates

White & Dark versions

3) Instagram Posts


Duration: Sept 2021 - July 2023
Organization: UBC.LIVE Visual Marketing Team
Role: Graphic Designer
Tools: Photoshop, Procreate, Canva

UBC.LIVE is an organization that shares original articles and runs events for Chinese students at UBC. As a designer and VP Marketing for UBC.LIVE, I design visual materials that create our brand identity and attract audiences.

1) Digital Posters for Annual Freshmen Orientation Event

2022 & 2023 versions

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